Our Unique, Personalized Approach

Our personalized service begins with getting to know you, not just your resume. We take a holistic approach to career development, including assistance with resumes, interview techniques, and long-term career planning. As such, our candidates view us as their mentors and coaches throughout their careers.

Letters of Recommendation

Click here to read recommendation letters from our candidates. (Password-Protected PDF)

Our Candidate Search Process


Your Career Goals

Present Positions

Interview Process



  • Referral to or from our vast network
  • Preliminary discussion regarding your background, qualifications, and requirements
  • In-person interview to understand what differentiates you from your peers
  • Advise on career planning
  • Present positions that fit your background and requirements
  • Determine interest in position
  • Confirm interest in position and obtain consent to release your resume
  • Schedule interview
  • Provide interview itinerary and preparation materials
  • Assist with interview preparation
  • Interview with our client
  • Debrief with you
  • Debrief with hiring manager
  • Reconfirm salary expectation
  • Negotiate best possible offer with client
  • Present the offer to you
  • Answer final questions about benefits, relocation, etc.
  • Notify client of acceptance of offer
  • Provide you with sample resignation letter
  • Coach you through the resignation process
  • Verify academic credentials, certifications, and work experience
  • Follow up weekly between resignation and start date to ensure smooth transition
  • Follow up after you begin your new position
  • Assess best practices from you and our client

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