Our Unique, Consulting-Based Approach

Our consulting-based approach enables us to personalize the services we provide to our clients—through on-site visits, developing professional relationships, and serving as human capital consultants. A key part of our success is recurring business due to impressive results. This means a greater assurance of long-term success with the candidates we place.

Our Client Search Process


Company Evaluation

Candidate Sourcing

Interview Process



  • Referral to or from our vast network
  • Due diligence
  • On-site visit
  • Understand business needs
  • Advise on talent management
  • Identify top candidates within candidate pool
  • Identify new candidates via our vast referral network
  • In-depth personal interview
  • Qualify expectations and begin pre-close process
  • Schedule interview
  • Provide interview itinerary and preparation materials to candidate
  • Debrief with candidate and hiring manager immediately after interview
  • Confirm expectations and continue pre-close process
  • Obtain verbal pre-
    acceptance of expected offer
  • Negotiate final offer
  • Verify academic credentials, certifications, and work experience
  • Serve as liaison regarding benefits and/or relocation
  • Follow up weekly between acceptance and start date to ensure a smooth transition
  • Conduct periodic reviews after candidate begins work
  • Assess best practices from client and candidate feedback
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